#Sponsor me on Instagram

When fashion meets Instagram Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.19.15 PM When Jessica Stein from fashion blog ‘Tuula Vintage’ posts a photo on Instagram, the #brandname cobalt-blue split skirt she is flaunting sells out in an hour; like throwing bread at hungry birds, her fashion-savvy readers snap it up. With the rise of Instagram, publicity is immediate. And when you’re talking about a blogger like Stein who has nearly one million Instagram followers, that’s big exposure for any brand. (more…)

Promises, promises

“The new government has failed to deliver on its election promises.”

These are words we so often hear thrown around the political sphere and today especially, the day after the Coalition announced Budget 2014.

From election promises to pinky promises and everything in between, broken promises are the bane of my life.


Is extended childcare hurting our kids?

We all know women are able to take maternity leave and get paid for it with the current system allowing a mother to be paid at the minimum wage ($622.10) each week for 18 weeks. Australian employers are required to provide 12 months of unpaid leave to employees who have worked for at least 12 months prior to the parental leave period.

But is this enough?


Election day interview with Stuart Robert MP

Stuart Robert is the MP for the electorate of Fadden and has held the seat since the 2007 election. Fadden is bounded by the Logan and Albert Rivers in the north, the Pacific Motorway to Coomera in the west, Molendinar and Labrador in the south and the Pacific shore from the Gold Coast Seaway to Jumpinpin Inlet in the east. Fadden is a very safe LNP seat with Mr Robert winning 53.6 per cent of all votes. I interviewed him at his election party on election night.


Election day interview with Steven Ciobo MP

Steven Ciobo has been the Federal MP for the area of Moncrieff since 2001. The electorate covers Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Bundall, Benowa, Ashmore, Carrara and most of Nerang and Southport. It is a very safe LNP seat, which saw 55.7 per cent of all votes go to Mr Ciobo. I interviewed him on election day at Benowa State High School.


The fourth estate or a bunch of followers?

As a journalism student, I would like to think journalists are not just relaying information to people but are actually searching for and presenting the truth.

This week, I was a part of the Q and A live audience at the ABC studios in Brisbane. I witnessed first hand Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s response to a pastor which has hit national headlines. When asked how people could trust Mr Rudd, as he had changed his position on same-sex marriage when he became prime minister again this year, Mr Rudd said that he made his decision to support same-sex marriage from a “Christian conscience”. Mr Rudd went on to say that homosexuality was not an abnormal condition and that the Bible also said “slavery was a natural condition”.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

We’ve all been asked this question before: “What do you want to be when you grow up”? In fact, we are asked it almost from the moment we can speak. Me? I want to be a broadcaster. But that hasn’t always been my dream.

From a young age I wanted to be an actress. I loved being involved in musicals and I thought I would be quite content under the stage lights for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, reality came in the form of a dream-crushing careers advisor who didn’t look too favourably upon my 15-year-old teenage plans.


The Daily Commute

This afternoon I made it to the train station in adequate time to fill up my go card and catch my Gold Coast train home.  I lined up with the other commuters behind the green boxes to fill up my go card. What is designed to be an efficient process was not so efficient on this particular occasion. The people ahead of me in the queue struggled to even tap their cards on the machine. I glanced  nervously over my shoulder at the little box with the blocks of colour denoting each destination, noting my train would arrive in two minutes. One minute and a few inept people later and it was my turn at the box. I filled up my card and turned towards the gates aware that the train was probably already at platform one. Everyone around me were dawdling through the gates as if totally unaware of my race against time.  I pushed through the crowd and sprinted in the direction of platform one. In a dramatic show I threw myself down the stairs only to hear the chug of the wheels and watch, defeated, as my train rolled from a stand still and began on its journey. Without me. (more…)