Month: May 2013

The Truth Is?

From K-Pop, to ex-soldiers, to the aftermath of nuclear explosions, The Truth Is? is bound to be a catch. Today Danny and I had the opportunity to listen to journalist Hamish Macdonald talk about his show The Truth Is?.  We watched one of the episodes about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, widely considered as the worlds worst nuclear power plant accident, that occurred in Ukraine on April 26th, 1986.  What makes the show so intriguing is Macdonald’s focus on the unique characters he encounters on his journey. The unique cinematography with the use of close-up grainy shots of the characters, creates a personal and engaging experience for the viewer. (more…)


Tattoo registry proposal slammed

Tattooists and civil libertarians have criticised a proposal for a tattoo registry in Queensland, saying the intent to stop gang money laundering activities would be ineffective and an invasion of privacy.

The registry would force people who want to get tattoos to register their intentions to the Queensland Government in order to prevent people from using fake names and thousands of crime related dollars at tattoo parlours. (more…)