Month: June 2013

The Daily Commute

busy - london tube

This afternoon I made it to the train station in adequate time to fill up my go card and catch my Gold Coast train home.  I lined up with the other commuters behind the green boxes to fill up my go card. What is designed to be an efficient process was not so efficient on this particular occasion. The people ahead of me in the queue struggled to even tap their cards on the machine. I glanced  nervously over my shoulder at the little box with the blocks of colour denoting each destination, noting my train would arrive in two minutes. One minute and a few inept people later and it was my turn at the box. I filled up my card and turned towards the gates aware that the train was probably already at platform one. Everyone around me were dawdling through the gates as if totally unaware of my race against time.  I pushed through the crowd and sprinted in the direction of platform one. In a dramatic show I threw myself down the stairs only to hear the chug of the wheels and watch, defeated, as my train rolled from a stand still and began on its journey. Without me. (more…)