What’s in a theme?

The theme of a blog is more important now than ever. Why? Because a blog can serve as an online portfolio of work for employers or clients.

When designing your blog theme, it is important to keep it as user friendly as possible.

Eyetrack III researchers have discovered that smaller font encourages focused viewing behaviour, while larger font promotes scanning. Thus, I have chosen a theme that has a small size font so people will actually read it and not scan over it. I have chosen this theme because of the serif font because it is easy to read and encourages the reader to keep reading. Also, the black text on a white background is familiar to readers and easy on the eyes.However, because the theme is locked I can’t change the font. I will discuss this later in a post about font.

When I make a header I want it to be dominant and in the upper left. This is because Eyetrack III researchers have noticed a pattern that the eyes often fixate first in the upper left of the page, then hover in that area before going left to right.

Eyetrack III research has shown that placing navigation at the top of the homepage performs the best. A test by Eyetrack III showed that the navigation bar at the top of the homepage was seen by the highest percentage of test subjects and looked at for the longest duration. This is why I have chosen a theme that has the navigation bar at the top.

Results from a test by Eyetrack III showed a one-column format performed better than other formats in terms of number of eye fixations — in other words, people viewed more. This is also another reason why I chose a theme that has the body of the blog in one continuous column. It’s a layout that viewers are used to and it also enables them to read down the page with ease.

Above each post is the date and categories the post has been listed as and underneath each post is an option for the reader to ‘leave a comment’.

At the bottom of the page there are links to recent posts, comments, archives, categories and meta.

There are also Twitter and Instagram widgets, which help the reader develop greater interest in the writer as they can see more information.

All in all, it’s a simple, easy-to-use theme that captures the audiences attention.


I’d love to hear from you.

What kind of blog theme do you use?

Why does it trump all the others?


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