The 20 people you should follow on Twitter

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With well over 645 million users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter can be a daunting place to play. You may be one of the 271 million active users, or perhaps you make up the 40% of users who watch the tweets go by but never say a thing.

It can be a challenge to condense the right amount of wit, fact, comment or self-promotion into a 140 character tweet and send it out into the twitterverse. The 140 character phenomena has seen various ‘how to tweet’ blog posts and ebooks surface across the internet. And where some users may find this character count limiting, others see it as a challenge to conquer.

So who is top of the tweet line? Who are the best people to follow on Twitter to get your daily dose of news, sport, business, politics, tech, entertainment, lifestyle and travel?

Well, here is my pick of the top 20 game changers (in no particular order) you should follow on Twitter. Of course, there are more valuable tweeters than I can mention. I welcome your comments and suggestions below.

@annabelcrabb – political journalist, ABC

@earleyedition – multimedia journalist, The Guardian Australia

@latikambourke – Fairfax political reporter, Canberra

@miafreedman – founder and digital publisher, Mamamia

@PatrickCondren – radio presenter, Fairfax

@jendudley – national technology editor, Courier Mail

@edmundtadros – data journalist, The Australian Financial Review

@BarringtonD – sports reporter, Courier Mail

@SchneiderK – travel editor, News Limited

@garypeppergirl – fashion blogger

@JohnBirmingham – Australian author and blogger

@firstdogonmoon – cartoonist, The Guardian Australia

@Mashable – news, information and resources

@newmatilda – independent news, analysis and satire

@TonyAbbottMHR – Australian Prime Minister

@billshortenmp – Leader of the Opposition

@LiberalAus – Liberal Party of Australia

@Greens – Greens Party

@The_Nationals – The Nationals Party

@AustralianLabor – Australian Labor Party

Any I’ve missed that you think should be on here? Please, let me know in the comment section below who you think is worth the follow on Twitter.


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