How often should you blog?

How often do you blog

It’s the golden question of the blogging age: how often should you blog?

To determine the answer, it’s crucial to look at the most important part of your blog: your readers.

Fashion blogger Nikki Parkinson spoke to a bunch of QUT students about her experience with blogging.

A successful blog business is built on solid content and a solid community engaged with that content.

Here’s a few tips of the trade.

Be consistent

Nikki says publishing a blog post in the morning leaves the rest of the day to promote the post. This way your post can have bigger reach, capturing a morning, lunch and night audience. She also suggests creating a blogging calendar, where you post a similar type of post at the same time each week. This way, you will build credibility with your readers and they will look forward to new content every day.

So you don’t have the time to sit around on your computer all day? It’s OK! Here’s the good news. There are some great tools to help you schedule your blog posts. Most blogging platforms should have the option of scheduling when your blog post is published. There are also some great apps like Hootsuite and Buffer that can help you schedule promotions to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. This way you can keep a track of how often you blog and promote your blog posts.

But hold on a moment, scheduling and promoting your blog posts alone isn’t the key to blogging success.

Be persistent

It is important to not only post on social media, but to engage with other users and on other blogs.

Don’t blog in a bubble – a blogger is a conversation starter, not just a broadcaster.

Nikki encourages bloggers to read other content (even stuff that’s not related to your particular interest!) and comment on other blogs. Not only does this get you as a blogger out there, but it builds up the blogging community and you might find yourself a few friends and loyal readers.

And finally…


Nikki mentioned four tips to being completely you.

1. Ask people’s opinions. Everyone wants to have their say and know they are a part of something. This is bound to create loyal readers.

2. Leave space for people to add to your blog post by asking questions like, ‘what do you think?’ and ‘share your experience’.

3. Encourage comments on your blog. This is a great way to build your blogging community and to get people to discuss and share your work.

4. Create a positive tone. If you cut out the negativity on your end, your followers are sure to do the same. If a discussion thread gets out of hand on your blog post, it’s OK to step in and remind your readers that you would appreciate positive comments only. It’s your blog, you get to set the pace.



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