Month: October 2014

Coming soon!


In just under six weeks, I set off a very exciting adventure to Europe with two of my best friends.

The itinerary: London, Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Venice, St Moritz, Zermatt, Berne and Paris (the City of Light!).

I can’t wait to share my experiences with the culture and the FOOD (oh yeah!).

Watch this space.


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Why People Share Your Posts


This blog post by CoSchedule is a real gem.

Every blogger should read it to understand the psychology behind why people share your social media posts.

Check it out.

Why People Share: The Psychology of Social Sharing

why people share

Three ways to attract more traffic to your blog


“How do I get more traffic to my blog?”

This is a common question bloggers ask.


The number one mistake everybody makes on Twitter

Even if you’ve been using Twitter from the start, you may not realise the mistakes you’re making and how they are impacting your following.

Gary Vaynerchuck explains how the little @ sign can cause a whole lot of trouble for you on Twitter.

What other tips and tricks have you found on Twitter? Let me know in the comments section below.