En route to London

We left the Gold Coast on Friday the 21st of November for an adventure on the other side of the world!

But let’s just say that being in transit for two days straight with next to no sleep is not my idea of fun 😉

Here’s a few travel tips from my journey…

Hint 1: do not fly AirAsia (we did for part of the way. Yes, you get what you pay for;)
Hint 2: do not have a seven-hour stopover, especially not in Kuala Lumpur airport
Hint 3: stay overnight on the way!
Hint 5: kindly ask the very very tall man sitting behind you on the flight to stop shoving your chair for 13 hours…

But really, it’s all loads of fun being 40,000 feet high in the sky in a flying tube.

I’m not afraid of flying, really… 😉



Pink is always a good idea.

Stay tuned for my travel adventures!



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