Prague: The City of 100 Spires

Let me start by saying Prague is pure MAGIC.

I think you will agree that these photos speak for themselves.






Would you look at that meal?! #foodstagram #somuchmeat #notvegan


In front of the Charles Bridge. Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) is in the background on the other side of the bridge. The castle was founded in 880 and is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

PS Contrary to my winter-fashion expectations, I’ve found it greatly challenging to be both stylish and warm at the same time! Don’t mind the bright colours burning your eyes 😉



Overlooking Prague after climbing all 200 of the Old Prague Stairs





And back down the bazillion stairs… 😉

There is something about Prague that makes it truly magical. The city has endless stories to tell. The architecture says it all; from the gothic cathedrals to the Baroque church bells and the cubist buildings that are dotted around the city to the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. And these structures are standing reminders of religious conflicts of centuries gone by.

There are multitudes of fascinating facts and stories that make Prague what it is today. If you haven’t visited Prague, put it on your travel-to list now! It’s the kind of city you simply have to experience to appreciate.

Although I can’t quite put my finger on what it is that makes Prague so magical, I know I could have spent weeks and weeks learning all about this medieval city. Prague, I’ll be back soon!

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